It's time to don your favorite black clothing and embrace the darkness for a bit; WGN America has cancelled Salem

The supernatural series, which premiered its third, and now final, season last month, will not be returning for a fourth. In a statement, WGN president Matt Cherniss said, "Salem is a fantastic show that greatly contributed to our successful launch into original programming. We thank Brannon, Adam, our talented cast and our partners at Fox 21 for entrusting us with their unique and remarkable vision for the world of Salem. We also thank the fans for their loyal support of the show."

The show, created by Brannon Braga and Adam Simon, is a period piece set in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts (the real home of the infamous witchcraft trials, and my own former hometown). It stars Janet Montgomery as bewitching beauty Mary Sibley, who rises to the top of the town's secret witch community to bring a plague on those who have wronged her and her kind. Complicating matters is her former love John Alden (Shane West), powerful forces and foes around her, and not to mention the Devil himself. 

The series also stars Seth Gabel, Tamzin Merchant, Iddo Goldberg, Ashley Madekwe, Elise Eberle and Joe Doyle. The episode airing January 18th will serve as its series finale. Make sure to binge-watch/catch up while you can!