It is so easy to judge a book by its cover, and by book, I mean people. Admit it, we have all judged someone at least once in our life. Maybe it was because that person came off a little weird, or maybe because that person had a dark past. Unfortunately for Eric Warner (Michael Ealy), his dark past may have him look capable of murder. If that's not enough, he is the husband of the victim, Kate Warner (Jordana Brewster).

You know how the story goes, nine out of ten times, the husband is always to blame. Is it correct this time around? There is a chance that he could be innocent, and when you watch the season premiere, you will probably think that there is no way that Eric killed his wife. Although the story picks up right after the murder, we do see their lives together. It seems like they are truly happy so why in the world would Eric kill his wife? On top of that, he comes off as a sweet man that could do no wrong. However, he does have a dark past that might come back to haunt him. Don't worry, no spoilers here.

Fortunately for Eric, he does have a sister, Amanda Warner (Mekia Cox), who is a successful attorney for the Public Defender's office. Not only is she an attorney, but she is also very protective of her family. This alone will give Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) a run for her money. I love how these two bump heads, those scenes are by far my favorite scenes from the episode. I cannot wait to see more of them as this season continues. However, to be honest, I don't feel connected to this family or murder case as of yet. Seeing Detective Cornell and Amanda giving each other hell is what will make me come back each week. Who knows, maybe towards the end of the season, if Eric is not guilty, they will become friends and maybe even work together to search for the true killer. They can both use their skills to find the one responsible for Kate's death.

Last, but certainly not least, this is Secrets and Lies, meaning that we can expect a whole new season of twists and turns to come. Heck, even the dead have secrets. Maybe those secrets are what got Kate killed? We don't know, but we will find out soon enough. What I can say is that nothing is what it seems, and at this point, everyone is a suspect.

The second season of Secrets and Lies will premiere Sunday, September 25th on ABC, leading into the season premiere of Quantico.