As Season 2 of Shadowhunters is underway, we are met with rising issues in the Shadow world! Following the season premiere's trend of a darker storyline, we are left with an ending that makes us both uneasy and satisfied.

Jocelyn (played by Maxim Roy) confesses that she was trying to kill Jace (played by Dominic Sherwood) because he is destined to bring death and destruction with his demon blood, but Clary chooses to believe that he's still good.

Clary (played by Katherine McNamara) feels like an outsider in both the Shadow and mundane world, tearing her trust away from her mother and friends. Even Luke's (played by Isaiah Mustafa) attempts to help her backfire. Simon seems to be the only one she has faith in, but he's dealing with his own vampire problems.

Simon (played by Alberto Rosende) hunts down his vampire sire, Camille (played by Kaitlyn Leeb), enlisting in the help of Magnus Bane (played by Harry Shum Jr.) - a powerful warlock - who gets distracted by the belongings Camille never returned. Simon's fear of snakes takes over when he's locked inside a room with one. Finally in his terrified state he uses 'Incanto' correctly, subduing the reptile. 

Izzy (played by Emeraude Toubia) kicks ass as always, showing a smart-mouthed muscle-head who is boss before stopping Valentine's men from turning him into another soldier.

Alec (played by Matthew Daddario) is concerned for his Parabatai - Jace (played by Dominic Sherwood) - ready to use his 'Parabatai' bond to track down Jace, even if it means losing himself forever. Alec is always willing to sacrifice himself for his brother, which is something we have to applaud. 

Upon Dot's resurrection, she steals Clary from Luke (played by Isaiah Mustafa) and Jocelyn, bringing her to Jace and Valentine's location and casting a spell on her. Then we discover not only has Valentine experimented on Dot (played by Vanessa Matsui), but she works for Valentine (played by Alan van Sprang). Clary - now under Dot's magic - tells Jace that she believes in what he's doing with Valentine. As she comes out of it, she convinces Dot to help her, allowing her to break Jace free of Valentine's grip in the last few minutes of the episode.

Once again we are left with many questions. What else did Jace do as a baby with demon blood in his system? Is his bond to Clary so deep that he recognized her not being spelled the second time when she told him to jump? Or was he prepared to die? Will he ever fully recover from Valentine's mind games? Will we ever see Camille pay for her actions with the Clave? Will Luke's pack accept that Simon is merely a new Downworlder who needs help? Will Clary find her place among the Shadow world?

We look forward to finding the answers through the rest of the Season 2!

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