Former Castle leading lady, Stana Katic, will soon be gracing our small screens again via AXN's Absentia. She is in talks to star in the 10-episode crime-drama thriller as an FBI agent who disappears whilst hunting a notorious Boston serial killer. After being declared missing and dead, she is found six years later in a cabin in a woods, barely alive, and has no memory of what happened of the years she was missing. Upon returning to the world, she finds that her husband has remarried and their son is being taken care of the new wife. She also finds out that she's implicated for another series of murders.

The series is executive produced by Matt Cirulnick, produced by Masha TV and AXN, and originally written by Gaia Violo. All 10 episodes will be directed by Oded Ruskin. Production will start early next year for a premiere in 2017 in AXN's worldwide channels and will be distributed by Sony Pictures Television, which owns AXN. However, it has yet to be shopped to US networks.

I am super thrilled for Stana for this new series. While the character almost bears no difference in her playing a detective for several years, with a three-episode arc as an FBI agent and the last season as captain, the premise and story are what is intriguing. It is different from, say, the "Veritas" episode of Castle which is probably the closest comparison in which Katic's Detective Kate Beckett is framed for the murder of drug lord Vulcan Simmons. This new series has her losing six years of her life and her husband and son to another woman. Whilst it may sound like a soap opera plot to some, and believe me, after years of watching Asianovelas (Meteor Garden anyone? Lovers In Paris?) with all of them having the same story and plot, it's interesting to see how Katic's character will deal with it since she will have no one by her side this time. But we all know that for Katic, who is a versatile actress, she can pull off this one with no effort at all.

Meanwhile Katic's movie with Raza Jaffrey, The Rendezvous, is now circulating in film festivals after a successful premiere at Mill Valley and I hope that it will soon find a distributor so other fans will be able to see it.

Katic will also be seen in Bookaboo's series premiere on Amazon Prime this Friday, October 28th.