Fox has an awesome show, Star, that treats us to great new music every week. Not only that, the music covers many genres. There's Gospel, Pop, Oldies, R&B and we see Queen Latifah getting back to her rap roots with "Gooder!"  Now that is truly a treat!  Star airs on Fox on Wednesday nights at 9pm EST!

Not sure if and when they will ever show who killed Otis, Simone's foster father, but check out my article called: STAR Murder Mystery: Meet The Cast ... Of Suspects?

One of the best parts about Lee Daniels' STAR is the music.  Some of the musical performances in the show are dream sequences. You can always tell if it's a fantasy sequence when the screen splits apart like ripping paper or lighting.  Here is the full performance of "Gooder" ft. Queen Latifah and Miss Lawrence.  I didn't know Miss Lawrence had such a great voice!  I knew she had style from the episode where they were dancing to 'The Groove Is In The Heart' from an earlier episode.  Queen Latifah in the show mainly sings gospel in the church.  In the 90's her character used to be in a girl group called "Mixed Harmony."  "Gooder Than A Mother" is the full title, and you can find it on Spotify.  This is a fun song and neat to see the Queen rap again!

If you aren't caught up on Star, tread gingerly as I don't want you to be spoiled...

STAR 1x08 "Mama's Boy" Promo - "During a neighborhood block party fundraiser, Hunter (Chad James Buchanan) surprises Star (Jude Demorest) by inviting superstar recording artist / producer Pumpkin (guest star Missy Elliott) to the event.  Alexandra (Ryan Destiny) reevaluates her dreams of stardom when her mother, Rose Spencer (guest star Naomi Campbell), shows up with an irresistible proposal.  Meanwhile, Jahil (Benjamin Bratt) explores a new opportunity and Cotton (Amiyah Scott) agrees to meet with Pastor Harris (guest star Tyrese Gibson), hoping to mend her relationship with her mother Carlotta (Queen Latifah) in the all-new 'Mama's Boy' episode of STAR airing Wednesday, February 15th on FOX at 9pm EST. "

It looks like this week's STAR is going to be full of drama.  The above promo made me gasp!  I hope nothing happens to Cotton!  I truly like the character of Cotton, played wonderfully by Amiyah Scott.  Cotton's real name was Arnold and she was the son of Carlotta, Queen Latifah's character.  Cotton has almost completely transitioned into a lovely lady, but has been saving up her money to pay for the surgery.  Carlotta's boyfriend is Pastor Bobby played by Tyrese Gibson.  He feels that he can intercede on behalf of God to change Cotton back to Arnold.  This part of the promo was heartbreaking, especially where it looks like Cotton might take her life out of desperation!