Star Trek Beyond is due out in November, so I thought I would look back at one of my favorite film franchises. There have been 3 phases of films in my mind, The Original Crew, the Next Generation Crew, and the Alternate Reality Crew (the new films). I really enjoy all of the films, some more than others, yes I'm talking about you Star Trek V. It is true that the better ones were even numbered, although I do feel that The Search for Spock is very under-loved, it is part of a trilogy that needs this film to complete it, The Voyage Home wouldn't be the same without it. 

Despite the criticism leveled at the odd numbered films, most have redeeming features and all are enjoyable in their own right. Many discount all but First Contact from the Next Generation films but I do feel that the others aren't bad; in many cases they are quite amusing and have decent plots and acting. Nemesis is probably the most underrated, in fact it wasn't until recently that it has been shown on television and was quite hard to get a hold of so very few have seen it compared to Generations, First Contact and even Insurrection

The new re-booted Star Trek films have divided the fandom; some love them, whereas others are extremely disappointed in the new time line. I found them fun movies to watch, I recognized the characters and plots, so they were like a new slightly strange pair of socks similar to ones I already own. 

Everyone has their favorite film, whatever the reason vote now for yours.