It's been an increasingly fraught ride for Russian spies Elizabeth and Philip Jennings (played by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys) these last few years. From the FBI inching ever so closer to identifying them, to a close call with a deadly virus, and ultimately to their daughter finding out the truth, the family has been having a rough go of it.

With only 2 seasons left, you may be thinking the penultimate fifth season will be offering some serious payoff in dramatic and life-altering events for the characters. But according to showrunner Joe Weisberg, that may not be the case. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the producer negated the idea that the season would simply produce big reveals. "People have always called this show a 'slow burn.' We used to think that was a back-handed compliment, or possibly even an insult," he said. "We've come to embrace the slow burn...For us, the penultimate season is just another season of telling a story of this family and the people around them. It's not ramped up. It's not hyped up. It's not building the tension-but it will be a great season."

Weisberg and showrunner/producer Joel Fields also teased a couple new characters the Jennings will be impersonating, in impeccable wigs per usual, who may be taking to the skies. “The Eckerts” are a pilot and stewardess, but where might they be flying? They’ll reportedly play a large role in this season’s subplot. Conflicted Jennings’ daughter Paige will also have some complex storylines this season as she continues to work her way into the family business by bonding with FBI Agent Stan Beeman/their neighbor’s son. The ramifications of the attempted mugging on her and her mother last season will also weigh heavily as Weisberg mentions, “It’s going to have a big impact. It’s not forgotten.”

And what about Martha? Poor Martha seems to be a universal rallying cry on this show. Last time we saw her, she had finally learned the truth about Clark/Philip’s identity and was being shipped off to Russia to start a new life. When asked if she was off the grid, a.k.a. the cast of the show, Fields coyly remarked, “We did not say that.”

Also, be on the lookout for a familiar face. Laurie Holden, who you might recognize from her work on The Walking Dead as the dearly departed Andrea, will have a recurring role as a new love interest for Stan. Seeing as how Stan can’t catch a break when it comes to actually breaking the case, here’s hoping he might find some happiness in her personal life for once.

The Americans will return in 2017.