It's finally here. 

So The Holiday Summation is the Christmas episode taking place after Christmas and we find out how our favorite nerds spent their holidays. More or less. 

It starts with Leonard and Penny putting away the last remaining pieces of Christmas decoration. God forbid having them still up after New Year's Eve, what would Sheldon think? Let's just ignore the fact that he doesn't live in the apartment any longer... 

Howard and Bernadette will be later because the baby threw up on Howard and then Howard threw up on Howard. Why doesn't this surprise me? Anyway, in comes ShAmy. Having just returned from visiting Mary in Texas for the first time we soon find out that the trip hasn't been quite as fun. But first of all, can I just says I love Penny for blaming Leonard when Sheldon points out that the mistletoe is still up?

Anyway, Sheldon tells them what happened on their trip. At least what he remembers because Amy obviously drugged him so he'd be quiet and asleep for the duration of their flight. God I love this woman. 

Amy wants to tell Mary about living together with Sheldon but he's afraid and doesn't want  her to because he's not in the mood for a religious lecture. I just loved seeing Laurie Metcalf. She's wonderful and Mary Cooper is hilarious with her attitude.

Amy tells Mary anyway and much to Sheldon's surprise Mary is thrilled by the news as she thought Sheldon would be lonely for the rest of his life and never find someone who would put up with his quirks. Sheldon is offended and goes to his room, leaving Amy to take over  the story.

Having skipped his rebellious phase Sheldon now decides it's time, walking out of his room with panties on his head and fins on his feet. 

He reminds my that she is also considered being weird because she's with Sheldon and puts up with him! Back in LA the little family, including Doubtfire and Poppins, finally show up at the apartment. 

Turns out Penny and Leonard tried to get festive and get a Christmas tree for the holidays and the whole thing turned out to be a disaster. Shame we didn't get to see them actually put up the tree and I wonder if they ever did since this one obviously ended up in the elevator shaft... let's start from the beginning. 

Penny finds a place where you can cut down your own Christmas tree. Why do I feel like this is a bad idea? This just can't go well... What seems like a couple of hours later a slightly demolished looking couple tries to drag the tree up to their apartment. 

Looks like they brought along a squirrel or whatever had made a home in this lovely tree. I bet they put it straight down the elevator shaft and pretended it didn't happen. 

As for Howard and Bernadette turns out that parenthood is harder than they expected. I hope the baby won't cry like this the whole time. It was kinda funny the first time and I get that it was a homage to Mrs Wollowitz but I thought it was rather annoying. That sounded way too fake. Bernie thinks the baby hates her and that she's a bad mum and ends up crying. So does Howard by the way. 

In the end Bernadette finds a way to calm the baby: by climbing into the crib with the little one. Big beginner's mistake. Now the baby will probably never sleep without mummy around but at least Howard got some sleep in the end!

In the end Stuart got to tell the group about his holidays but everyone pretends to fall asleep after about two seconds. That was hilarious and a little rude. But mostly hilarious. Well, Howard and Bernie say goodbye but not without Howard running back into the apartment because they forget the baby! Oh dear...


The Big Bang Theory will be back in about two weeks with The Romance Recalibration on January 19th, 2017 at 8/7c on CBS.