IT'S A GIRL!!! But let's start from the beginning...

The nerds bow out into the winter break with a bang. And at the same time they don’t. I’m just glad we got a winter finale without deaths and catastrophes, natural disasters or bomb explosions. There was a birth but, thank God, it was plain and without much fuzz. 

More on that later. We pick up where we left of in the previous episode, Bernie announcing that she’s gone into labour. Howard is quite overwhelmed and it’s good that Stuart and Raj know what to do! They head off to the hospital!

We switch to Shamy’s where Sheldon wakes Amy to tell her that it is midnight and, therefore, her birthday. This was actually really cute though Amy wasn’t very impressed with the party horn. Sheldon also had a gift for Amy: a pic of a functional MRI of his brain with parts lit up because he had been thinking of Amy. Ok this is kinda cute. Nerd-cute. Exceptionally cute for a certain Dr. Sheldon Cooper. She kisses him to thank him for the gift and he’s actually the one brining up the annual birthday-coitus and he came prepared! He didn’t wear the sexy PJ’s for no reason!

Just as they get ready to get going Penny and Leonard disturb their little something-something because Bernie has gone into labour. 

They made it to the hospital and nurse Althea, we’ve seen her before a couple of times, is not impressed when she finds out the contractions are 12 minutes apart and there’s no reason for them to be at the hospital just read. If only Howard had read the pregnancy books thoroughly! I loved her comment on three guys and a pregnant woman. She was like is this a „Mamma Mia nonsense“ kind of thing? Anyway, they’re heading back home ad Penny gets the call just as they’re about to leave. 

Penny then suggests they go out to a diner because they’re all awake when Amy mentions it is her birthday and Leonard says it out loud: They want to have sex! Back to the apartment it is then. Leonard suggests he and Penny could have sex too after he found his back-up inhaler… I just love them!

At casa Wollowitz Raj records the family-to-be although he is probably the only one who’s excited about it! In the process he accidentally reveals the sex of the baby, telling them that they’re having a girl! they kick him out, leading to Raj knocking on Leonard’s door but they choose to ignore him. 

ShAmy is trying their best to get back in the mood for birthday sex and Amy has a surprise for Sheldon. She has a sexy Harry Potter outfit because „Harry Potter makes things hotter!“ and she even has a Gryffindor robe for Sheldon (she’s a Hufflepuff) but Sheldon is not too impressed with Amy having gone to Wizarding World without him! Amy pulls the it’s-my-birthday-don’t-argue-with-me-card and when the issue is put off Raj knocks on their door. Amy sends him away just as Penny comes out running, telling them that Bernie’s water broke. 

Off to the hospital it is again! This time Bernie is in labour and Stuart is eating all the ice chips. Howard kicks him out and the parents-to-be talk about naming the little girl. Thank God they’re not having a boy. Wally Wollowitz, really? Debbie is not an option because his mum didn’t like the name and they took a few moments to remember her. 

In the waiting room the friends take the time to reflect on the milestones in their lives and how far they’ve come. Leonard and Penny are married, Sheldon and Amy moved in together, Penny is successful in the Pharmacy industry, Howard has been to space, Bernie got her doctorate… Everyone’s proud of what they’ve done except for Raj who feels like a left-out loser and Stuart is not quite helpful on that matter either. 

Howard then comes out to let them know that the baby was born! That was nice although it was simple and just… normal. No drama, no unforeseen complications, no unnecessary fuzz. I’m kinda glad we didn’t actually see Bernadette give birth. It’s not like we haven’t seen that before on far too many shows and I bet someone is now really happy to get rid of the fake baby bump… 

So the girl’s name is Halley. Did they really name her after the comet? Well, it’s kinda cute because they’re all so nerdy and that’s what I love them for. He makes them all aunts and uncles and, of course, Raj is the Godfather. I think the little girl will be in very good hands!

The friends stand by the window, trying to find little Halley when there’s a baby crying, sounding exactly like Mrs. Wollowitz… Oh dear! There she is! According to Steve Molaro we’ll actually never get to see the little one, just like we never got to see Howard’s mum. 

Back at home, Sheldon and Amy have spend the day at Wizarding World. Sheldon is all happy and he reminds Amy that there’s still a gift waiting for her and that he’s not too tired at all…


The Big Bang Theory will be back in January 2017 on CBS!