We already know that characters will be added for the second season of Netflix drama The Crown as the story moves on to later decades. Head over here for a first look at the Kennedy's who will appear in the second season of the show:

The Crown: Re-Casting Has Begun

If you're hoping to get an even closer look into the life of Queen Elizabeth II. you might be a little disappointed as series creator Peter Morgan has recently revealed that the main focus of season two might night be the Queen herself but rather Prince Philip who Peter Morgan seems to be fascinated with. 

Prince Philip, portrayed by Matt Smith, will be a main focus for the second season that is supposed to focus on the decades  moving into the 60s and onwards. We will get a closer a closer look on Prince Philip's childhood and his upbringing as well as the relationship the prince had with Charles. 

It is rumored that Philip has had a fair share of affairs during the years, sometimes more than one at a time, but it is still unclear whether some of of will be featured on the show as Peter Morgan has refused to give away information as things are still "in the cutting room". 

The Crown season 2 is expected to be among Netflix fall releases.