The Good Place had given Chidi (William Jackson Harper) an impossible choice. With love on the line and three girls waiting for his answer, which one do you think he should choose? Answer in the poll. If you haven't seen 1x10 "Chidi's Choice" yet, tread gingerly as spoilers abound. The Good Place airs on "SuperGood" Thursday nights on NBC at 8:30pm EST.

We have had a few weeks break from our favorite show, The Good Place. So, to get you back up to speed, this following clip has six of the funniest scenes of The Good Place. The scenes feature Chidi, Eleanor (Kristen Bell), Tahani (Jameela Jamil), Michael (Ted Danson), Jianyu (Manny Jacinto), and Janet (D'Arcy Carden).

The Good Place 1x10 Recap - "Chidi's Choice". Even though the title suggests it's all about Chidi and his choices, there is quite a bit going on in this episode that affects all the characters. Where we left off before the break, Michael told the "Bad Place" cronies to get the fork out of his neighborhood! They had come to wreak havoc and collect the fake Eleanor (Kristen Bell). Real Eleanor (Tiya Sircar) has been taking her place in the bad place and it's her turn to switch places to be in the good place.

Real Eleanor, being truly good, wants to help fake Eleanor so she doesn't have to go to the bad place. On earth, real Eleanor was a lawyer who helped to get innocent people off of death row. They paired her with someone who was a human rights lawyer to work on fake Eleanor's case for the ultimate judge.

Fake Eleanor, under Chidi's ethical tutelage feels that she has come a long way on her path to being good. She feels she deserves a chance to stay. When asked about this she mentioned Chidi's name about 9 times in 10 minutes. Real Eleanor points out to fake Eleanor that perhaps she has feelings for him. This hits fake Eleanor like a ton of bricks. The thought had never occurred to her but she feels that she does indeed love Chidi and must find him to tell him.

Elsewhere, Tahani has been finding clues that Jianyu is not as he appears. Junk food wrappers lay about and she infiltrated his "bud hole". This is what is supposed to be his meditation room but she finds that it is littered with teen-aged boy's dream items like girly posters and video games. Certainly not the items of a meditating monk. When asked about the ballerina impressionist painting, that features three Tahanis all dancing together, Jianyu admits that it was Chidi that gave it to her.

Tahani now realizes that Chidi was trying to protect her feelings and that he must truly love her to provide this lovely gift. She now must find him to tell him this! Fake Eleanor finds Chidi first, pours her heart out to him, and lets him know of her love. On earth, when things got too close or if her partners were too annoying, she would break it off. She never knew what true love was and this is what she feels for him. She doesn't want him to respond but to know. Before he has a chance to respond, Tahani bursts in and tells him that he loves her.

Chidi is understandably overwhelmed and gets out quickly. This leaves the two girls awkwardly looking at each other. Fake Eleanor says that on earth, she normally might fight another girl for the sake of a man, but here in The Good Place, she wants to make sure their friendship is not affected. The duo both choose an activity to help bond with one another. Tahani's choice was a British show about two women from different classes who become friends. Eleanor's choice is to braid hair with hair extensions. Then the thought occurs to her that perhaps she is meant to be Jianyu's soul mate.

Where Jianyu doesn't belong there as much as Fake Eleanor, maybe they were meant to be together. This would leave Chidi free to choose either Real Eleanor or Tahani. Before she can find Jianyu to ask him, they receive an announcement from him. The announcement says that he is going to marry Janet! Is this even possible as Janet is not exactly a person, but either a robot or data management system?

Not sure how exactly this is going to work out but it was quite hilarious and they both look very happy. Both Tahani and Eleanor watch their "union". I love how Eleanor calls him "Tragic Mike" and how she thought it was funny that they both thought at different times that he could be their soul mate.

They go back in time a couple of times to show Chidi's childhood and how he died. Chidi has such a hard time making any decisions. He could not choose the soccer team as he has to choose between geopolitical and gender referenced options. The options are endless. He might be the first kid to "filibuster" recess. Later his friend pretends to get married to see how Chidi can handle being his best man. This all becomes too much for him as it takes a half an hour just to choose a bar. Because it took so long, he gets hit by the very air conditioner he shoved in his apartment. Michael sits him down with three choices of frozen yogurt and tells him to make a decision and stick with it. Knowing that time is of the essence, he sets out to find his choice.

Chidi shows up at Tahani's mansion (does this mean he chose her?) and is confused about the wedding of Jianyu and Janet. Eleanor tells him that she figured out that she loves him more as a best friend. Tahani also thinks that Chidi is not her true love as she was hurt about Jianyu's deception and she was grasping at straws. She then interrupts and feels she has found something that could help keep Eleanor in The Good Place. Real Eleanor arrives and joins them in this pursuit. This leaves Chidi dumbfounded and not sure what is happening.  

I guess next week we will see the honeymoon between Jianyu and Janet. More crazy times seem to be ahead of our favorite characters of The Good Place! So, if Chidi had another chance to truly choose between his three favorite frozen yogurts, which one do you think he will choose?