The clock is definitely ticking for Once Upon a Time as we know it.

With its numbers putting it 6th among ABC's dozen dramas and the contracts for Jennifer Morrison and other key cast members expiring at the end of the current season, ABC is still pondering the possibility of a renewal and obviously, should the show return next season, a "reset" of sorts is in the works.

Having heard from series creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis some "interesting" potential ideas for the future, ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey recently stated "Regardless of what we decide to do … I think [Adam and Eddy] would put a little bit of a bow here" - what she later called "closure in this particular narrative" - "and then there is a ‘next piece’ that comes after that. So they are trying to figure out what that [next piece] is and how that works."

Dungey also suggested that Season 7 could offer "[...] a springboard in a new direction from a narrative standpoint, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not bringing cast back, it’s just: How do you kind of hit the reset button in a way that gives you opportunity to expand the stories that we’re telling?"

Adding to all the signs that point towards the change of scenery in Once Upon A Time next year, TVLine reports the newest additions that are currently being cast.

Namely, the May finale will introduce a pair of guest stars, both of whom have the potential to join the ensemble as series regulars if the show moves forward. First up, the fantasy drama is casting a "strong yet vulnerable" leading man in his late 20s to mid-30s, a gent who was once optimistic and hopeful but now is a friendless, cynical recluse. That said, he still possesses a dormant, deep-seated speak of hope that waits for the right person to reignite it.

The other role being cast is a precocious 10-year-old with a "constant twinkle of mischief in her eye." And though this girl comes from a broken home, those struggles have only made her stronger — something which will come in handy when darkness threatens "everything she holds dear." And while the character breakdown notes that this lass "never lets the hard knocks of life get her down," you would be wrong to guess that she is a certain little orphan named Annie.

The new duo brings back memories of the show's first season, the similarities to Emma Swan and Henry Mills clearly obvious in these characters. Who they could really turn out to be, that is all up to you to speculate.

The real question now is: is it wise for Once Upon A Time to continue on in such a different route? Would the show maintain its appeal without the characters that made it what it is today? Or should the creators finally let it take its last bow, closing the story they started 6 years ago?

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