I spent most of the weekend catching up on shows that I am behind on, including The Path. I think the only reason why I got behind on this one is because I like to binge-watch when something is on Hulu or Netflix. It's a good thing I decided to catch up now though, because things are starting to get really deep into the story. On the last episode, which aired March 15th, Sarah started blackmailing a handful of members from the Movement in order to get enough money to save the compound. It's a new low for Sarah, who used to believe in doing things right, but maybe she's spending so much time with Cal that his darkness is starting to rub off on her. I know he wasn't on board with her blackmailing those members, but he has done far worse things. I really do believe that he has corrupted Sarah. The question is, though, how far will she go down that dark, beaten path? It's scary what this darkness could do to the Movement. They are the Guardian of the Light, but with so much burden weighing them down, who knows what might come of the Garden that they are trying to build for the future.

Luckily there is hope. An unexpected one, but there is hope. Well, I say unexpected but we already knew that Eddie was meant to be the true leader. Even Dr. Steve Meyer pronounced him as the trendsetter before he met his fate and passed. Although most of the season we have watched Eddie trying to put his cult days behind him, in this episode he finally accepts who he is and plans to replace Cal and rebuild the Garden. This is, of course, where the episode leaves off, along with Eddie's lightning scar bleeding. I think it's safe to say that this Movement would be in better hands if Eddie did have control of it but it's not going to be easy. I mean, I am sure Cal will not step down without a fight. He loves being in charge and he loves the power that it brings. This will be very interesting.

Before I go, I just have to ask, how awesome does Hawk look now that he finally cut off all his hair? I know he got it cut a few episodes ago but I have to talk about this for a moment. When he had his long hair, it was hard for me to take him serious. I actually didn't see him, I just saw the hair. However, now that he is rocking a new look, and coming into his own leadership role, I'm starting to have trouble looking at him as a 16-year-old kid. I see a young man who wants to do great things. However, he is still just 16 and I am concerned with some of the pressure that he will face. I mean, he's really just a kid, but I believe that he has it in him and his head is in the right place.

Since we're on the subject of Hawk, how awesome was it that they finally brought back Ashley? I admit, I have been missing her all season. Last season she was Hawk's girlfriend but they broke up for many reasons, one because she's not a believer, and two because she moved away.

However, they brought her back at the wrong time. I'm not complaining, but just when Hawk finally decides to let go and of her, boom she's back! This will for sure make things even more complicated for his new relationship with Noa. I just hope that they won't do another love-triangle story. We have enough of those going on at the moment, we don't really need another one.