"Okay, for everyone waiting impatiently as I am for #theRendezvous to be released, here's a little slice of the blooper reel," posts Jordanian director of The Rendezvous, Amin Matalqa, on his Instagram on Valentine's Day. The short blooper clip features stars Raza Jaffrey (Homeland) and Stana Katic (Castle) having fun and improvising on lines when they forget the scripted one. Here's the clip:

I don't watch Homeland (yes sue me hehe!) but I've always seen Raza as a serious person. His role on Smash never had him laughing that when I watched this bloopers clip, I found him so funny and hoping that he will have a comedy show soon. I've always seen Stana in Castle bloopers and in interviews so I know that she is funny on set and off and my ultimate reaction was why NBC's Saturday Night Live never asks her to host an episode is beyond me. She's obviously great at improvising. Calling SNL for these two funny actors to host your show!

The Rendezvous still has to acquire a studio to release it but hopefully the wait isn't that long. The book (retitled from A New Song) where the movie is based on by Sarah Isaias is now available to purchase.