I've been thinking about this for a long time now and it has been bothering me for quite some time and I feel like it couldn't be more appropriate to put my thoughts into words and remind people of a few things here and there. The award season reaches its grand finale with the Oscars on Sunday and we have been blessed with red carpet appearances, snaps of celebrities getting ready for said events, after show parties and facebook livestreams. 

Social media is a great thing. Until it is not. Well, let me get this straight. I enjoy being able to connect with friends all over the world real quick, through several times zones. And I'm happy to be following lots of famous people. I appreciate whatever they chose to share which brings me straight to the point but more on that later. Social media has given us the change to connect and re-connect, to share and participate. We are able to follow award shows and red carpet events wherever we are and I really appreciate that. It makes us feel special, makes us feel like we're part of something unique. The problem is: it also makes people think that they have the right to criticize permanently or interfere in things that are absolutely none of their business. 

Expressing your opinion is ok. It is ok to disagree with opinions. You are allowed not to like a choice of dress or an episode of your favorite show. All of this is ok until it gets personal. The problem with social media is that the anonymity seems to lower people's inhibitions. 

The distance, and the fact that you don't have to look your opponent in the eye, seems to make people less receptive for empathy. We think it's ok to address famous people by their first names and I guess it has become acceptable over the last few years but think about it: Would you address any stranger, you meet on the street, by their first name without asking first? Well, I wouldn't because it doesn't seem respectful. I wasn't raised that way and I think it is something we should remind ourselves of every now and then.

While we have got used to using each other's first name it simply makes me cringe when people call their idols "Mom", "Dad", "Babe" or any other nickname for that matter. Truth be told, you are talking to strangers. Nicknames are always personal and most commonly used by close friends, people who you're familiar enough with to allow them to use these kinds of names. Frankly, we are not included in this and while some might be old enough to actually by your parents it is entirely unacceptable to address them as such!

I feel like people need to be reminded of being a little more considerate when it comes to the person at the other side of the screen, be it a PR-person or the actual famous person behind that twitter account e.g. What a person shares online is exceptionally up to them but pictures that people dig up or secretly snap are another thing. Just the feeling of people chasing me, secretly taking pictures freaks me out like crazy. Especially when it involves kids I feel like people know no boundaries. They didn't chose this life and deserve to grow up outside of the spotlight if that's what the parents want. They shouldn't be put into focus unless that's what they choose and they shouldn't be held accountable for or bothered because of their parents actions or choices of partners.

What makes people think that this is okay? It is not, not by any chance!

I understand loving a person for what they do and I also understand that sometimes you ship people with other, actually existing people. We all do it sometimes but I think you should always think twice when it comes to expressing these opinions. 

You are talking about two people who might actually read this. How would you feel if you read stuff like this about yourself? I know that I probably wouldn't like this. Shipping fictional characters is one thing, shipping real-life people is another. 

Who your idol dates and who he or she doesn't is none of our business. Like it or not but in the end it is no one's business but those of the people involved. Whether they share these information is entirely up to them. No matter how much of their lives is public, they don't owe us anything; no justification, not even an explanation. 

Not a single explanation because it is no one's business. 

It makes me angry and sad seeing people treat their idols, the people they claim to love so much. Well, this is not how I treat the people I like. Insulting them and their family is not how I treat my beloved ones just because I disagree with them. Even worse is doing it publicly. You might think that they read lots of shit and they should be used to it? Well no, because there's still a person at the other end. A real-life person with feelings and a right to be treated respectfully and appropriately. 

It has been bugging me for such a long time and it makes me sad. What gives people the right to be so disrespectful and inconsiderate?

We should be glad with any piece of information instead of breaching boundaries and it doesn't surprise me that more and more people withdraw from social media, refuse to share details of their lives or cancel fan meetings or events. This is what happens when people constantly breach boundaries and pry into other's lives. I don't blame them and it makes me sad. 

Just keep in mind that there's a living person reading your messages and that they deserve just as much respect as any other person you'll meet in real life. Be grateful for what you get and appreciate the hard work your idol is doing.