In tonight's episode of This Is Us you get to see the Pearsons' family traditions! The holidays are a special time.  It is a way to spend time with your family you don't see often and reminisce about the growing up years. By celebrating the traditions of the past, it helps forge the family ties as new members join the dinner table.  Do you have special traditions in your family that you celebrate each year?  Answer the poll!  This Is Us airs Tuesday nights on NBC at 9pm EST!

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From NBC: Episode 108: “Pilgrim Rick”; "As Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and the three kids make their way to Rebecca’s parents’ house for their traditional Thanksgiving holiday, an unforeseen detour occurs. Kate (Chrissy Metz) makes two drastic life-changing decisions. Kevin (Justin Hartley) brings Olivia (Janet Montgomery) to Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) house for Thanksgiving. Randall’s heart is broken when he learns about a lifelong secret his mother has kept from him."

Here's the commercial for tonight.  Let me tell you to have a box of Kleenex handy for this one!

While doing this advanced review for This Is Us' 1x08 "Pilgrim Rick", I was both all smiles and all tears!  It is a hard mix of joyful and sadness that makes me question why I can't get enough of this special show!  Also, the fact that Thanksgiving is a special time of the year for family, it's not hard to understand that the Pearsons are a special bunch.  Though I have only been introduced to them this fall, I can't get enough of their stories and gleefully enjoy every story, even if they make me cry.  It is from these emotions that tug at the heart strings and makes this show so very endearing.  It's like seeing a glimpse into the lives of people who should be our family.  Not so much by blood, but by adoption, which is sometimes more special, as we all choose to adopt these Pearsons as part of our family! I chose to enjoy every bit of time I spend with them...tears and all!

In tonight's episode, they focus on the 8 year olds and how the Pearson's Thanksgiving traditions took root for the first time.  It is like a road map to the past and see how (about 28 years later) these traditions continue in today's time.  I find it interesting that out of the entire Pearson family, it is Randall that has been the most faithful to keeping the traditions alive.  From the moment that the alarm goes off, he gleefully sets the day in motion.  He tries to wake everyone to get the dinner started as things are on a schedule of his own making; not everyone is exactly on board, but cheerfully help.  Sometimes sleep is more fun!

The song that starts the day is Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" from the 'Graceland' album.  It is fun to see how much Randall is enjoying every bit of every ounce of Thanksgiving Day!  He seems to relish every task, down to the chopping the vegetables and delegating family to the various tasks that call to make the day every bit of the best Thanksgiving Day ever.  He is so happy to think that his Mom and his biological Dad are going to be able to spend time at the same Thanksgiving table.  If we could only bottle his joy and excitement!  It is bittersweet to see as Randall is not usually so playful and cheerful and yet there is a secret looming to take everything that he holds dear away at any moment.

That secret as we know is the fact that Rebecca, Randall's adopted Mom, kept the fact that his biological dad William (Ron Cephas Jones) wanted to be a part of his life from the beginning.  William unfortunately had a problem with drug abuse and Rebecca did not want this influence to rub off onto a young Randall.  She needed to know that he would stay away and not come back to claim him.  She wanted Randall to be protected and every much her true son as the son she lost during childbirth was to her.  At the time, she thought she was doing what was right.  This secret came out last week when Randall's wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and William shared some pot brownies.  William is dying from stomach cancer and Beth thought this would help his appetite.  Her own father died of cancer and they had a bit of a bonding moment, until the secret slipped!

Beth and Randall are a wonderful couple!  They hold no secrets from each other and always openly talk about what's on their hearts and minds.  This biological bombshell has been eating her up inside!  How can she keep such a secret from the man she loves?  Momma Rebecca has been avoiding her calls and Beth wants this secret out before the day is over!  Rebecca, both not wanting to own up to her past deeds and not wanting to ruin Thanksgiving as it is so special to the family, disagrees.  Every one is on egg shells, except for those who are unaware.  One being Kevin as he knows nothing of the simmering debate.  He only has eyes for Olivia Maine (Janet Montgomery), his Broadway co-star!  He invites her to Randall's for Thanksgiving.  She, being part Brit and part American, says that she is not a fan of the holiday.  She is however a fan of watching people and was interested in seeing what Kevin's family is like.  We learn about her upbringing, and a special conversation with the "wise old owl" William seems to bring her closer to Kevin.

We also see an aged Rebecca and Miguel (Jon Huertas).  You kinda feel bad for Miguel as he is really trying to be friendly with Kevin and Randall and you can tell things are still rather strained.  Randall seems nicer to him, perhaps because of the holiday and tries to remind Kevin to drop it.  We still don't know why these 2 are together yet, but it is hard as we all know that Jack is dead and not going to be there at the celebrations.  It is Jack and his loving involvement in the family that helped guide the very traditions they are enjoying to this day. It all stemmed from when the kids were 8 years old.  Sometimes the best things happen from being spontaneous and it is those times that become the traditions we love!  The family was on their way to Rebecca's mother's home for Thanksgiving when a flat tire detours their efforts.  Jack always wished to have his own traditions with his own family.  He was never a fan of wasting the day at "Grandma's House", but dutifully did for Rebecca's sake.  The kids also hated going and were happy to do something different, even if the road to doing something different was rather long and hot...

I will end here by saying that I hope each and everyone reading my articles have a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday!  Even if you don't celebrate it in the country where you live.  Take some time to be thankful for the family and friends you posses and remember the ones that have passed on to give us life.  I am thankful for so many things.  Each day is precious, not just the last Thursday of November, but it is good to take time to reflect if even for one special time of the year!  There are so many things to be thankful for and I am especially thankful to watch this lovely show each week and be a part of the Pearson family, if even for a short time!