This Is Us is a wonderful show that weaves the multi-generational tale of the Pearson family!  I personally can't get enough of it, and I know that there are millions of fans out there who are like me!  This Is Us airs TONIGHT on NBC at 9pm EST!

Tonight's Episode - 1x05 - is called "The Game Plan," and it truly shows the Pearson's love of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team!  We talked about this and another promo in an article called:  New This Is Us Promo Has Us Begging The Question - Where Is Jack?

The thing that makes This Is Us such a compelling story is how they intermix the different stories of the Pearson family.  You have several stories at play here.  You have the 3 adult children, Kevin, Kate and Randall, all living their lives in seemingly current real-time.  Then you have the backstory of their parents, Rebecca and Jack. In the pilot, they were very clever in keeping it a plot twist that these were not 2 current stories, but multi-generational. I have never seen a story told in this way, and it is so compelling!

So far we have had 2 episodes with newborn babies, and 2 episodes with 8 year olds. In tonight's show, we go back, way back before the babies were even thought of.  We see both Rebecca and Jack as children! We even see a glimpse of Great Grandpa Pearson!  There might even be a glimpse into the conception of "the Big 3", but this is the PG rating here...

As I mentioned above, the Pittsburgh Steelers football team play a big role in the Pearson family and their shared love for Terry Bradshaw! The love (or hate for that matter) of a sport's team is sometimes a shared family experience. We watch games as kids with our parents, and before you know it, you are watching the games with your children, and so it goes on.  It becomes a special event, one in which great memories are made.

Tonight we see Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) as a young couple.  For Rebecca, the idea of football is not such a great one.  She wants to learn from Jack why he loves it so much, and she becomes a quick study.   We also get to see Rebecca sing! She sings at the local bar that shows the football games. We all know that Mandy is an awesome singer, so it was neat to see her sing on the show!

We also got to see Miguel (Jon Huertas) again.  This time it was he and his WIFE Sally!  (I swear it looks like Wynn Everett from Season 2 of Agent Carter.)  As we know, Miguel is Jack's best friend, and inexplicably will later end up with Rebecca?  But, for now, in the past, he is happily married to Sally and they have 2 kids.  Their stories have Rebecca saying how happy her life is now being childless. This makes Jack sad as he truly wants kids some day.

Back to the future, we have Kate (Chrissy Metz) trying to explain to Toby (Chris Sullivan) that she has a Pittsburgh Steelers football game tradition and she wants to be alone.  He has been so sweet.  Her wanting to be alone kind of hurts his feelings, and he wants to find out why.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) had quit his cushy acting job in L.A. for a part in a Broadway play.  He didn't realize how cut throat theater could be as he has had it pretty easy in L.A.  Being famous and having popularity on TV doesn't translate to theater.  Especially with Erin Maine (Salem's Janet Montgomery)!  She doesn't make an appearance in tonight's episode as Kevin went to visit Randall and his family.  He found NYC to be a lonely place, especially without his sister Kate.

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are perplexed why Kevin would show up for days without calling and gratefully accept a chance to stay at a swank NYC hotel!  This part has me wondering where they live exactly.  It's a long bus ride to Philadelphia for the dad, but seemed close to NYC...The scenes with these two are exceptional!  I truly love them!  There might be a new change in their family and how it might affect their plans for the future lives are interesting.  Beth is such a great character!  I love how she says it like it is and these two have such great chemistry!

They leave their girls with Kevin and William (Ron Cephas Jones), which is probably not the best idea.  William is the biological father of Randall, a former drug addict that left him at birth at a fire station.  Kevin is nothing short of being a big kid himself and Beth is rightfully concerned about leaving them with these babysitters.  Kevin is trying to memorize his lines and having a hard time gather his thoughts preparing for rehearsal.  Especially when his adorable nieces are peppering him with questions that he is not sure how to answer.  It puts him in a hard position and he royally sticks his foot in his mouth!  I put a poll at the end seeing how you answer the tough questions from kids...

A sweet scene between William and Kevin happens.  Who would think these two would ever be in a meaningful scene together?  William gives Kevin some good advice, not just about his career, but for life in general.  I'd say keep the kleenex handy as it was truly sentimental!

As mentioned earlier, there has been a question since the start, 'Where Is Jack?'  Tonight you will get an answer of sorts.  Of course as you know, This Is Us is famous for their plot twists, so I am sure there will much more to this story down the line!  This Is Us airs TONIGHT on NBC at 9pm EST!