This Is Us is the wonderful show where we enjoy the stories of the Pearson family!  I can't give a full advanced review, but I have seen some unreleased scenes that I will talk about here.  There are also some neat guest-stars to look out for in tonight's episode and many more on the horizon.  Just beware that SPOILERS might appear, so tread gingerly.  This Is Us airs TONIGHT on NBC at 9pm EST.

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Episode 1x06 - "Career Days" promo for tonight's episode shows 3 stories: Kate (Chrissy Metz) gets a new job, Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Olivia (Janet Montgomery) get closer, and young Randall (Lonnie Chavis) is struggling with being gifted:

From the TV Guide listing, "Kate interviews for a new job that seems perfect, but there's a catch; Randall (Sterling K. Brown) has doubts about his career choice; and Kevin and Olivia's relationship takes a turn. In the past, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) feel conflicted after Randall tests as a gifted child."

Ok, a small note here, if you don't know who Olivia is, not to worry.  Olivia Maine is played by Janet Montgomery (Salem).  Earlier, all mention of her character has called her Erin Maine, so not sure why they are calling her Olivia, unless Erin is her stage name or they decided to go with a different name.  Either way, I am glad to see Janet in the role!  She is awesome!  In ep. 4, "The Pool," you see how cut-throat theater can be, and you see how harsh she is with Kevin!  Before her appearance, they mentioned she would become a love interest for Kevin.  It was so clear cut that there is no respect from her to him that I personally couldn't see how this could lead to love.

One of the advanced scenes that I saw was titled "Kevin rehearses with Olivia and totally sucks. The director is apoplectic. Olivia promises that Kevin will get on track and invites him to a party."  It is pretty self explanatory, but from what I saw, there seems to be a disconnect with Kevin and this scene.  He does well up until this one point.  When asked if he has ever lost anyone, he shrugs it off and the director Ron is trying to get him to understand the gravity of the scene and Kevin looks defeated.  Olivia speaks up for him, something surprising considering her behavior in the previous episode!  She is kind to Kevin and invites him to a party, which appears to give him some hope.

The thing that I wanted to mention here for you to look out for is the play-write Sloane Sandburg, portrayed by Milana Vayntrub!  Perhaps her name is not familiar to you.  Well, it has been bothering me since I saw her in "The Pool."  She seemed so familiar, and then it hit me from this clip!  Milana plays Lilly from the AT&T commercials!  I think that she is awesome!  You can see her frustration and quirkiness in the scene mentioned above, and the Director Ron and she play very well together!

Another early peek of a scene is titled "Jack gets a job. Miguel tells Jack that he got a promotion. Jack demurs, he wants to go out on his own."  Here you see the Pearson family growing a bit from babies to toddlers.  Jack seems to love his job working construction, but sees that with a growing family that he should switch careers to earn more money.  He gets a desk job, but looks miserable.  His friend Miguel gets promoted and wants to take him with him up the ladder, but Jack wants to take a risk and do something on his own.  The best part of this clip is you see Mandy Moore at the piano and humming and her tune beautifully pulls the scene together!

Yup!  You read right, Miguel is in this episode.  Jon Huertas (Castle) plays the best friend of Jack.  We were all shocked to see an aged Miguel with Rebecca and not Jack, and are still wondering how this could have happened.  I personally like Jon and want him to have a fair shake, but time will tell.  Perhaps with the recent reveal that Jack died (sometime before 2006 as Kate started watching games with his ashes from then on as we learned last week).  Perhaps the two came together after Jack's death, but time will tell how these things shake out.  We all certainly love the love between Rebecca and Jack, and hate to think anything bad happened to the Pearson family!

The best casting news is that they hired Jami Gertz (Marin Rosenthal) to play Kate's new boss.  Talk about an 80's icon!  She has been in a lot of great movies from The Lost Boys, 16 Candles, and I loved her in Square Pegs!  More recently, I loved her show Still Standing!  I hope she is on the show for awhile!

Another early peek of a scene is titled "William (Ron Cephas Jones) plays piano for Annie (Faithe Herman) and Tess (Eris Baker). Tess wants him to speak at career day. Randall insists that he’ll do it."  Ok, who knew all the Pearson family and extended family were so musical?  It is a sweet and touching moment that the girls are enjoying their grandpa playing for them and singing.  Randall, their Dad is a bit thrown off that they would rather their grandpa speak at 'Career Day' and not him.  For the first time he is understanding that they think that his job is boring.  Then they see Kevin and thought even better than dad or grandpa, would be a famous actor uncle!  Randall puts his foot down and says that he is doing it, question closed.

Based these early scenes and who is going to be in the episode, it will surely shape up to be a great show!  Each and every week has brought some twists and turns, and I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for this week!  How much do you love This Is Us?