No, this is not a "cheeky" article. But, the stars of This Is Us are at it again...perhaps! They are good at teasing us! Look at the original trailer with Milo's "assets" that broke the internet. Well, a video clip from Entertainment Weekly has the 3 main stars talking about their show and spilling that there might be more eye candy to come! This is Us airs on NBC on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST!

From EW: NBC's This Is Us stars Mandy Moore (Rebecca), Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) and Sterling K. Brown (Randall) explain the show using six random words. They of course go over their 6 word limit.  It is fun to see these 3 cut up and giggle as they try to get through this promo! It is also neat to see these 3 together, as on the show the three are not usually in the same scenes!

In between the fits of laughter and trying to be sincere, we hear a few tantalizing tidbits.  They show the clip of Milo's butt and talked about how it was for him to film that scene while being naked.  Milo further says that his bum might show up again and that he won't be the only cast member to be a bit cheeky! That's right! They infer that Emmy Winner Sterling K. Brown might be showing a bit of skin as well!

Now, with the popularity of the original This Is Us trailer and the pilot episode, showrunner Dan Fogelman joked that "they have chosen Milo to have no lines in the 2nd episode, just to be naked."  As we all know, this did not happen and I am sure they are giving us fans some lighthearted teases.  Being in the 9pm EST time slot doesn't allow as much leeway with the TV standards people as they did in the original 10pm airing of Milo's derriere.  Time will tell, if and what we see in weeks to come!

I personally have been looking forward to each and every episode and now this will be an added bonus to look out for! Do you think it's wrong to show nudity on TV?