This week's show of This Is Us was both sad and beautiful!  It was neat to see where the Pearson's started their family Thanksgiving traditions and how they continue to honor them!  With a whopper of a family secret looming, we knew the jubilant times would be fleeting, but didn't expect everything to go down as it did!  Does your family have Thanksgiving traditions?  Answer the poll.  This Is Us airs on Tuesday nights on NBC at 9pm EST.

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I just love the This Is Us After Shows where the cast sit around a table and discuss the stories!  Chrissy Metz (Kate), Chris Sullivan (Toby), Milo and Director Ken Olin talk about the most intense and emotional moments in 1x08 "Pilgrim Rick"!  It is called That Was Us - The Cast Gets Real.

We here at Voice Of TV are huge fans of the show This Is Us!  We love to report on our favorite shows and we also chat a lot about them and often wonder where the plot twists of This Is Us will take us. Two of my friends that join us in today's post are Anam and Dee.  We were excited to see what episode 1x08 "Pilgrim Rick" would show us about the Pearsons.

From Anam: "Family drama is an understatement with the Pearson's. As we gear into celebrating family time on thanksgiving seeing this family have their boat load of drama does make you cringe at what Thursday may bring. Most families have their fair share. That being said I love how they've managed to bring the traditions they started after a thanksgiving that went anything but right. It really shows that you can make the best of any situation as long as you have the people you love most around you. However, it sucks that Randall had to find out about his mom's secret the way he did. He had a good relationship with her and now I don't know how they're going to be able to repair it. Trust is a commodity that's hard to earn but super easy to lose. Any child that's done something they shouldn't knows this truth. Rebecca is going to have a hard time earning his trust back that's for sure. This is a huge deal, he found his biological father and only has days maybe weeks left with him. He had the option of knowing him his whole life and his mother took that from him. Its very sad, and it sucks even more that they had to get all this out before Thanksgiving dinner.

Kevin finally manned up and brought his girl home for the holiday but he also gave Miguel a shot. Something clearly happened after Jack died that caused this rife and I'm looking forward to seeing that part of the story play out. Kate did come home for the holiday. She didn't bring her boyfriend though because of her weight issues, I think after the major turbulence she may decide to go get him back. Near death experiences have a way of putting the things that matter most to you on the forefront. Yes she wants to lose weight but I have to think her first thought was of her boyfriend. Unless of course it wasn't in that case she really needs to cut that and let the poor man move on.

Every family has their issues and this show doesn't down play that. They make it real, they make you feel for the characters because you can relate. Another great episode, but they left off on a cliff hanger! Ugh I need more."

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From Dee: "May I just say that it's the nastiest cliffhanger ever? Haha! This is the first time that I hated Kate for her actions. I mean, there is someone who loves her for who she is and not her physical appearance and to just let it go because she wanted to lose weight and not see him eat anything he wants? I thought she compromised last week. That shows weakness for the first time and it's selfish. Just like Rebecca. That was one of the things that I don't like about her. Yes, she has been the perfect mother but to keep William a secret to Randall is just harsh. Especially when he told her as a little boy that he wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving just as they celebrated it that night. I got touched with what Kevin did for Olivia that even if she was a bitch to him, he still tolerated it and that I think he and William taught her a lesson about family. He also benefited in that lesson because he let Miguel, who I think the triplets feel he replaced Jack as their father when he passed away, wear the hat and be Pilgrim Rick.

I love the family dynamic and chemistry of the younger Pearsons and I like how Milo really seems to be a father to the kids that I feel even off-screen he makes them laugh. It's actually a really great thing to improvise a Thanksgiving dinner because of an accident and Jack put great lengths to do that. It's actually touching because instead of just sulking, it still turned out to be a perfect Thanksgiving.

Kate wants to do bariatric/gastric bypass surgery - done by reducing stomach size or cutting the small intestine, which really made me mad because that was the first thought she had during that turbulence. I know Chrissy said that will have to lose weight because 1. health and 2. she stated it in her contract because of above reasons but Kate letting go of a wonderful person who never looked at her in any way other than see the beauty of who she is, is just outright selfish. If she did think about poor Toby, she would have turned around, called her family just like what Rebecca did during that Thanksgiving, and told them that she made a mistake regarding the boyfriend and went back to him. That's just what my imaginative mind's opinion on what should have happened."

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From Me (ALWheaties):  I don't like the break up either! Toby is and has been super sweet! A hard combination to find! Drink too much, drugs, abuser, cheater, OK, perhaps those would be a good reason, but Kate is just so unhappy that no matter what he does, it could ever be enough. First she's unhappy that he looses more weight than her, then she's mad that he's off his diet. The poor guy just wants to be and enjoy himself. He can't change that for her because that would make him miserable having to walk on eggshells all the time!  She's lived in her brother's shadow for so long that she needs time for herself.  She said she needs a break, a pause, not to break up entirely.  So I am hoping that she can figure things out and they can find a way to be together that makes BOTH of them happy!  Toby is really good for Kate.

What made this show so bittersweet to me is the love that Randall has for Thanksgiving that stemmed from a special day that happened when he was 8 years old.  He was so in love with his family, their memories and the things that were important at such a young age has been memortalized for 28 years and counting.  All the while, the 3 most important people in his life, his adopted mother, his biological dad and his wife are keeping a secret from him that threatens the very idea of his existence.  All parties involved are trying to protect him for one reason or another, but failed him ultimately.  He found out on his own.  He found a letter that his mother mailed his dad.  In an instant his life was turned upside down.  How he will process this and forge forward will be something I look forward to see.

Hopefully Randall can look past this indiscretion and realize that ultimately this was a decision made out of a love for him and there will be room for forgiveness.  Life is too short and sadly, I fear that William's life may soon be at it's end.  I am glad he has had this time with his son and his family.  He wanted to be there for his whole life, but had trouble with drugs and Rebecca wanted to shield Randall from that.  She also lost one son from childbirth and couldn't let another slip away.  Right or wrong, too much time has gone under the bridge to not tell Randall.  I am sad he learned the truth alone.  He should have had all the love of his family around him when he found out.