This Is Us 1x10 'Last Christmas' collectively broke all our hearts!  We all love Toby and wish him all the best in the New Year!  There is a poll at the end to see if you like the plot twists.  If you have not seen this episode yet, beware of spoilers and tread gingerly!  This Is Us returns to NBC on January 10th at 9pm EST!

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Let me just say here that I absolutely loved this episode!  The Christmas scenes, the love of family and spending time together was everything that the Thanksgiving episode was not.  In the Thanksgiving episode we saw how the Pearson's traditions started, but were ultimately broken by hidden secrets and hurt feelings.  The Christmas episode had all the splendor of the holiday.  There was joy, tenderness (reliving the time when Dr. K needed them), rekindling and mending of fences (between Randall and his Mom as well as William and Jessie), but those last 5 minutes!?!  I am not usually a swearing person, but I certainly found the words when our beloved Toby was sent into medical distress!  I am hopeful that the New Year will find him in better health, but as the show closed, it was not looking good.

I just love the This Is Us After Shows where the cast sit around a table and discuss the stories!  Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Susan Kelechi Watson, Ron Cephas Jones and show creator Dan Fogelman sit down for a no-holds-barred conversation on Episode 1x10, "Last Christmas."  It is called That Was Us - The Cast Gets Real.

In this clip, they discuss the strained relationship between Momma Rebecca and Kate and the reality of what it means to have the gastric bypass surgery.  It is not a quick fix and has a life long list of problems to watch out for from maintaining your nutrition to dealing with unpleasant side effects like diarrhea.  Rebecca and brother Kevin (Justin Hartley) are understandably worried about this surgery as they almost lost a 9 year old Kate one Christmas Eve due to an appendicitis.  I just love the scene as a young Kevin doesn't want to let go of Kate's hand at the hospital!  Everyone loves and cares for Kate.  No one wants her to go under the knife if it's unnecessary.

They also talked about William's relationship with Jessie (Denis O'Hare).  It is interesting to note here that Ron Cephas Jones doesn't have any social media sites and doesn't do too many interviews or talk shows.  So, it is really refreshing to see him talk about his role of William and what brought him to find love with Jessie.  We all know that Randall's mother, William's true love that he met on a bus, died while giving childbirth and William left his newborn son at a firehouse.  William has had a lot of loss in his life, either due to his taking drugs or by other things out of his control.  So for him to find love with Jessie was unexpected, but also quite lovely as Jessie wants to spend what time they have left together.  If that's not true love and devotion, I don't know what else to say.

They also talk about how Dr. K (Gerald McRaney) means so much to the Pearsons and how important it was for them to be there for him in his hour of need.  I just love his voice and his wisdom!  Milo mentions that there will be more of Dr. K's character in future episodes to come!  They also talk about how wonderful it is that Toby does this grand gesture for Kate to show her his love, but they DON'T talk about the last 5 minutes and what happens to Toby and how that will impact the future of the show.  I personally am keeping my fingers crossed as I love Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate together!

We here at Voice Of TV are huge fans of the show This Is Us!  We love to report on our favorite shows and we also chat a lot about them and often wonder where the plot twists of This Is Us will take us. Two of my friends that join us in today's post are Anam and Dee.  We were excited to see what episode 1x10 "Last Christmas" would show us about the Pearsons.

From Dee: "It's fun to know that the spirit of Christmas actually runs true to the Pearsons. I mean, it's quite unfortunately that on the day where people has the liberty to eat anything they want, Little Kate is struck with an appendicitis. I love that to ease her anxiety, Rebecca tells her that nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve and that when she wakes, they will all be there. And they were. Christmas is not just about the gifts we receive or give but it's also about love, forgiveness, being with your family and the Pearsons showed just that. What's touching is Randall got introduced to the man who is responsible for bringing him to Rebecca and Jack's "doorstep" and he manages to thank him by giving him a gift and being there with his mother and father to celebrate Christmas just because his own family cannot be there. That itself is the spirit of the season and Rebecca and Jack instilled it to the triplets - that the day Jesus was born is more than the material things sent out on the day.

With that, I think Kevin is actually drawn to Sloane because of what his parents made him and his brother and sister feel, what they taught about the season. You can also actually see it in Sloane's family, who is Jewish, that even when they bicker and point out who's the best or why they never came to the playwright's plays, that family is actually important. I wish that Kevin and Sloane will find the rhythm that will keep them together. I think it's also that teaching that Kate accepted Toby back, who arrives unannounced. He manages to be a member of the family in a few minutes of knowing him. It's also that teaching that Randall, at least for now, forgives his mother on whatever she did in the past to him.

I love Beth's reaction when William is playing the piano and his friend is watching him, his hand on Will's shoulder. She knew right then that Will is gay and this man is his lover. I love how she and Randall readily accepted that fact, or perhaps just a possibility to them, that their father is gay. Again, Christmas is all about the family, all about loving and forgiving.

The episode is actually feel-good, because it is the winter finale, up to the point that Toby collapsed and we were left with a big hole in his story. I'm still reeling on Conviction's episode the previous night and This Is Us drops this some sort of a bombshell. It makes you think that all the Pearsons' teachings about Christmas just vanished into thin air. Haha!  Check out deedeedee on Voice of TV!

ALWheaties: LOL!  Yes.  I agree, don't kill us each week with the plot twists!  I liked what Dee said awhile back, it's like GoT's the "Red Wedding" each week for our emotions!  LOL!  Well, I listened to the ending a few times very carefully.  It's cardiac arrest, not a flat line.  But, to leave us in such a fashion for a whole month is not cool!  At least we know there are 8 more shows in the queue and they are announcing new guests, so there's hope, but I hated that ending!  It was so sweet and such a loving gesture of Toby to come to Kate on her terms!  That being said, he was 6 hours stuffed like cattle in a plane between 2 guys bigger than him.  Probably due to lack of circulation, he had a blood clot or aneurysm.  Being a big guy, he might have high cholesterol and semi blocked arteries, so this would not be hard to do under the circumstances.  I rewatched the ending.  His shortness of breath, sweating, and when he dropped the plates, that was when I was like OH S**T, before I could finish saying it, he was dropping like a sack of potatoes!  I hope they bring him back! I was so worried that we might loose William, then Jack, then the Dr. K from the ads didn't look so hot, never saw Toby to be the one to drop!!!!  How AWEFUL! I am beside myself!  To kill him off would be devastating!

From Anam: "Nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve." This was the motto that got these kids through years and years of the holidays. They could always rely on the fact that there wasn't anything bad that was going to happen. Of course this isn't true in the grand scheme because people die, people get hurt, bad things do happen. But having that faith that they weren't going to have anything bad happen they were able to make it through the years and continued to believe it.

Seeing the family come together to celebrate the holidays will bring memories to anyone watching. This is the time of year when you do get together with your family if you've seen them lately or if you haven't the holidays are a time for family. Kate wants to get surgery, her mom is naturally scared as she was years ago when her baby girl had to get an appendectomy. Mother's worry about their kids, no matter how big or how small the issue is. Even when your kids are grown up, a mother is always going to worry. You can relate to that in Rebecca. Later on Toby comes over and tells her he can't live without her. Making everyone that's dreamt of finding that great love weep with joy and envy.

Meanwhile, Kevin has to play Sloan's boyfriend at her Hanukkah dinner and then eventually brings her along to Christmas eve at his brother's house. They aren't a couple but there's definitely something stirring there.

Randall manages to talk a guy (Jimmi Simpson) down from committing suicide after screwing up his life. Not everyone can but he stayed calm and collected even if his mind was going in every possible direction. These situations are delicate and need to be handled delicately. He was upset earlier that his family wasn't going to be able to make it over for Christmas eve but knowing that he was able to keep a little girl's dad alive made it a little better and helped to reiterate that nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve.

Of course everyone did end up showing up and the family is shown having a great holiday. William even brings over an old friend/love, and Randall is thrown for a loop when he realizes that his dad is bi. My favorite part was his little girl just saying it like hello everyone can see it come on dad join the 21st century, big deal. This more or less showed that the next generation is way more accepting of everyone. With the times we live in, there is hope for future generations because they are accepting of everyone around them regardless of what they look like, what they believe, who they love, etc.

This would have been a great place to finish off as the show went into winter hiatus but this is This Is Us and they couldn't do that, they had to throw you off your feet and right as the episode is ending Toby collapses and is rushed to a hospital and the episode ends with the doctors trying to revive him after he goes into V-Fib (Ventricular fibrillation) which is not a flat line so he may be alive come January, or they may have just heart broken Kate. I really hope he's alive but we gotta wait to find out. This show blows me away, but sometimes you really just want a happy ending. It wouldn't hurt. Not everyone needs to be Shondaland crazy all the time."   Check out Anamiii on Voice of TV!

Now we have to wait until January 10th to find out the fate of Toby and our beloved Pearsons.  It come soon enough!  I am hoping for the best, but time will tell.  I hope that each and everyone of you, my dear readers are enjoying time with your family and friends.  If This Is Us has taught us anything, time is precious and not to waste one single minute!