This Is Us certainly put us through our paces this week! We had all the feels and it felt like a roller-coaster of emotions! If you haven't seen 1x15 "Jack Pearson's Son" yet, tread gingerly as I don't want you to be spoiled... Kevin (Justin Hartley) received some wise advice from Miguel (Jon Huertas) and left him thinking WWJPD? What Would Jack Pearson Do? This Is Us airs on NBC on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST.

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I just love the This Is Us After Show where the cast sits around a table and discusses the stories. It is called That Was Us - The Cast Gets Real. This week they had only Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia. They talked about episode 1x1"Jack Pearson's Son". I think they are absolutely adorable! Here they are looking younger than ever.  Milo is clean shaven as they are filming scenes from when they were younger, perhaps before they met. The two have a great chemistry on-screen and off as you even see Mandy adjust Milo's hair. They often use the same words and finish each other's sentences. There is also lots of giggles. Very sweet!

They discussed "the talk" as Rebecca and Jack talk to a teen aged Kevin as they found out he is having sex with Sophie. Milo says it comes down to condoms and respect.  Next they talked about crippling anxiety and how they try to help Randall as a teenager.  The couple take turns with the kids and in this case it is dad Jack's turn to help Randall.  It shows how the parents want to have a united front while dealing with the kids. They also talked about "the fight". Mandy explains Rebecca's side about how much she wanted something for herself that she had tabled for so long. She put being an artist on the back burner for family and now that she has it back is thrilling but met with resistance from Jack. Milo explains that Jack likes his family the way things are and it's hard for him to let her go chase her dreams that do not include him. They also talked about how Jack decided to go get a drink after the fight.

We here at Voice Of TV are huge fans of the show. We love to report on our favorite shows and we also chat a lot about them and often wonder where the plot twists of This Is Us will take us. Two of my friends, who joined us in today's post are Charlotte and Dee. We were excited to see what episode 1x15 "Jack Pearson's Son" would show us about the Pearsons.

From Charlotte: "This is Us episode 1x15 was just as dramatic and heartbreaking as I thought it would be. Where to start? I’ll begin by saying I was right about Kate totally telling off Duke, but I certainly did not think she would getting kicked out of camp for it. I really hope that is the last we see of him but one never really knows with this show. I was also very happy to see Kate and Toby on the same page again and also taking things slow and developing a realistic approach to their relationship and pending marriage.

All of Randall’s scenes this week were tough to watch, you could see the stress becoming too much for him and no one seemed to stop and help, except Kevin. This was a big episode for Kevin because we started to realize that there is actually a lot of Jack in him. Kevin might not always make the right choices, but at the end of the day he knows when to put others first and make that tough choice. Watching him leave his show to help is brother, might not of been the best choice for his career but he knew what was the right thing to do and to me that was a very Jack Pearson thing to do.

In the flashback scenes, we saw Jack and Rebecca once again struggling to stay connected and united in their marriage. I certainly feel like they are building up the tension between them and leading up to a big break up or ultimately Jack’s death. It’s just so sad as you watch through the season and see their relationship that was once able to grow and thrive through the ups and downs slowly break down as the season continues. I love teenage Randall, Kate and Kevin and especially this week’s contrast between Kevin and Randall’s relationship as teens versus now. As always another great episode, and I can’t wait to watch next week as we move closer to that season finale."  Check out Charlotte on Voice of TV!

From Dee: "So my wish of Kate punching Duke wasn't granted but heck! Good riddance and I hope that it will be the last we see of him. Although he did crush Kate's wish of being healthy but I love that she told him off and after being booted off camp she went straight to Toby. Their conversations on opening up is really good especially now that they're engaged. Toby is right to say that Kate isn't ready yet - to tell her father's story (which my mum got a bit miffed because she wanted to know how Jack died), for their wedding, etc - but what touched me is that he is willing to wait until she is ready and that is alright with her. She never questioned him because she knows that she is still, in a way, doubting herself whether or not she can do anything she sets her heart into. They are willing to wait and it's fine. They will make it and get to know each other better along the way.

But since this show always gives us the feels every week: Kevin and Randall! We discover that Randall breaks down when he thinks he's failing in anything he does and that it started when he was still young. In the past, Kevin just passes by him in his room where he is seen crying in fear. But the present Kevin, the Kevin who went back to his childhood sweetheart and ex-wife Sophie, goes out of his way to comfort his brother because he saw the beginnings of another meltdown. I mean, we already knew that Kevin is a jackass and self-centred but on the opening night of his play, the play he produced and fought for, he runs to Randall's office where he sees his brother slumped on a wall and speechless. Kevin comforts Randall, a far cry from when they were teenagers! A far cry from that Kevin who would think twice before going to help him.

I love that scene where Miguel talks to Kevin because the latter asked for a bit of advice on opening night. Miguel tells Kevin that he looks like his father and that he is his father's son. That kind of talk. Miguel's advice? To think of what would Jack Pearson do on nights when he is nervous. It is what prompted Kevin to run to Randall's side and comfort him, abandoning his pet project. That in itself shows unconditional love.

As for Rebecca and Jack, this is the first time that we've seen Jack jealous. Is it the start of them drifting apart, just like Miguel and his wife? Or is it the start of something that takes a part on Jack's death?"  Check out deedeedee on Voice of TV!

From ALWheaties (me): Boy, what a fizzle that story was with "Pukey Dukey"! What a jerk, thinking he can sexually harass women because his parents own the place! I agree with Dee, he deserved to be punched!

I burst into tears when Kevin went to his brother! I knew that Kevin was worried about bombing on stage and to some point has his own issues with anxiety. Stage fright if you will...  His ex-wife Sophie tried to cheer him up on the phone and told him to find Kate.  Usually it is Kate as his twin sister/cheerleader that helps pick him up. Since she was unavailable, he made the rounds. Randall was busy dealing with his problems. His co-star, ex girlfriend Sloane was preoccupied with The New York Times to review the play, making his worries worse. His Mom Rebecca was not home and he got some sage advice from step father Miguel.  Not once did I think he was running away from the play, but the scene of him embracing his brother was the best!

The scene of Rebecca and Jack fighting was painful to watch. Time seems to be ramping up to his death. Kate's flashback of the funeral shows that it is while the kids are teenagers. After the fight Jack goes to a restaurant alone and has a drink. It's been about 8 years or so since he promised Rebecca to give up drinking and be a part of the family more. They are going through a disconnect which is so sad to see considering how they started out!  I hope that how Jack dies is not by drunk driving. That would be too hard to watch. Not that I want to see him die at all, but we all know it is impending.  I would like to think Jack goes out like is the hero he was. Something like saving a family from a burning building, but to die from carelessly driving drunk would be extremely sad! Well, time will tell...

One major consolation in this whole matter is that we have more seasons of This Is Us to look forward to.  The producers promise us that Milo is not going anywhere.  He will be a part of the show as Jack as long as it airs!