This Is Us is the wonderful show that we can't get enough of!  Unfortunately we won't get our dose this week due to the Presidential Elections, but we are looking back at 1x06 Career Days!  There will be some clips and a poll to see if you've ever been told to "Not quit your day job".  This Is Us next airs on Nov. 15th on NBC at 9pm EST!

I just love the This Is Us After Shows where the cast sits around a table and discusses the stories!  Milo Ventimiglia (Jack), Chrissy Metz (Kate), Chris Sullivan (Toby) and Director Ken Olin sit down for a no-holds-barred deep dive on Episode 6, "Career Days" called That Was Us - The Cast Gets Real. 

In the above clip, Chrissy talks about how Kate handled the situation with her boss' daughter Jemma (Ariana Vail).  I loved that scene when she kicked her out of the car!  Chrissy explains that Kate sees a lot of herself in Jemma and wants to reach out to her even thought it is not easy.  Kate is upset with herself for being distant with her Mom Rebecca (Mandy Moore).  Growing up, Kate resented her Mom for being beautiful where Kate felt that she couldn't live up to that for herself.  In some small way, she wants to help Jemma avoid that situation with her own Mom and not have regrets as Kate does.

Milo talks about what it is like to sacrifice as a parent for the well being for your children.  Young Randall (Lonnie Chavis) is being held back at school and has the opportunity to go to an advanced school.  Jack used to love his job in construction, but as the family has grown, so have the bills.  The added expense of tuition for Randall's new school has stalled Jack's dreams of starting his own business (Big 3 Homes).  He decides to take a safer better paying job in the company he already works.  He hates wearing a suit and tie and working in a cubical, but his love of his family overcomes all.  He is a really good Dad.  He loves his family so much.  He ultimately wanted to start his own business to spend more time with them, but has to sacrifice his dreams so that he can provide for his family.

Director Ken makes an interesting note how the 2 women in Randall (Sterling K. Brown)'s life are in the show.  Randall's Mom Rebecca and his wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) deal with situations very differently.  I personally love Beth's character and how she and Randall relate to one another.  Beth is very open and knows how to bring light and clarity to the situation at hand!  When Rebecca and Jack are together, she can sometimes get "heavy" with her stance on things according to Ken.

We here at Voice Of TV are true fans of the show This Is Us!  We love to report on our favorite shows and we also chat a lot about them!  We often wonder where the plot twists of This Is Us will take us!  One of my friends that joins us in today's post is Anam.  We were excited to see episode 1x06 "Career Days"!  Here is the commercial for the show we are talking about:


From Anam: "This week's episode made you pull out the tissue box yet again. They played up the idea of identity and belonging through young Randall not wanting to do as well as he was able so he would fit in better with his siblings and not be hated. They played up the idea that although treating all your children the same may seem fair, it may be stunting their full potential. No two children are created alike and they need individualized methods of up bringing to fully find their true potential. They played with the idea of having a hot parent and seeing how that plays on the insecurities of a child. How to over come this and how to make sure you don't lose your relationship with your parent in the process. This show brings issues to the forefront that haven't been talked about on television but are issues that any generation watching can relate to. They cause you to relate to these characters and get invested into their lives because you've been there in some shape or form and know how that character feels to some degree.

Kate's constant battle with her weight is something a lot of people have personally felt or seen someone they love go through it. It's hard to watch sometimes because these issues are real, they make you feel uncomfortable and that's why this show is so great. They push the barriers and insist that the issues that really matter be discussed instead of being put on the back burner because they make someone uncomfortable. Randall's struggle with finding what he's really good at is another point that can be understood by the audience at large. Everyone goes through a point in their lives when they're trying to find out what they're calling is. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes you may think that you will never find that thing you were born to do. It's hard to find the silver lining when everyone around you seems to have settled into life and you're still looking for where you belong. Finally, Kevin is struggling with getting to that mental state where he has to recall his father's death. Another very relatable topic. Not necessarily related to the death of a loved one, but everyone has that one part of their lives which they don't like to think about, the one time you felt so crummy that you don't want to ever feel that way again and you suppress those feelings, you suppress that memory. Actors have to dig deep to elicit emotions through their acting and Kevin is struggling to get to that state. All three of the siblings are going through things that anyone watching can instantly feel for and that's what makes this show a must watch on Tuesday nights."

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From Me (ALWheaties), On a side note, I kinda saw what Olivia Maine (Janet Montgomery, Salem) was planning for Kevin (Justin Hartley).  LOL!  Talk about Method Acting!  She knew the "nudge" he needed to connect to the role, but his scene had me sobbing!  Before I watched this episode, I looked at Twitter and the topic was all about pickles and I was confused... #WhoDoesntLikePickles LOL!

On This Is Us, Randall made a fool of himself at his daughter's Career Day!  He tried to sing and play the piano, two things he has never tried to do and it did not go well!  Have you ever tried something different and been told to just stop and not to quick your day job?  Watch This Is Us on Tuesday, Nov. 15th at 9pm EST!