This Is Us has made us wait a whole month to see if our beloved Toby will make it.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed along with the whole Pearson clan that he does!  I can't wait to see what unfolds!  This Is Us is going to air at a special time Tuesday night to accommodate President Obama’s farewell speech.  This Is Us will air on NBC on Tuesday, Jan. 10th at 10pm EST!

The West Coast will get 2 airings of This Is Us at 9pm PST and 10pm PST, so they get double the Pearson fun!  The Chicago Fire episode originally scheduled for Jan. 10 at 10 p.m. will be aired Jan. 17.  The last time we got a 10pm time slot, we seen Milo Ventimiglia's assets!  No word on whether this episode might have a cheeky moment, but you never know with this show!  I wrote a previous article about it entitled:  This Is Us Teasing Us Again With Possibility More Nudity!

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Here's a behind the scenes clip of the cast talking about the show, where we left off and what's to come.  Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan talk about This Is Us.

We here at Voice Of TV are huge fans of the show This Is Us!  We love to report on our favorite shows, and we also chat a lot about them and often wonder where the plot twists of This Is Us will take us. Two of my friends that join us in today's post are Anam and Dee.  We are excited to see what episode 1x11 "The Right Thing to Do" will show us about the Pearson family! 

From NBC - This Is Us Episode 1x11: The Right Thing to Do: "Kate (Chrissy Metz) struggles with her feelings in the aftermath of Toby's (Chris Sullivan) heart attack. As William (Ron Cephas Jones) begins to spend more time with Jesse (Denis O’Hare), Randall (Sterling K. Brown) has to get used to his father’s new relationship. After receiving the news they’re expecting triplets, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) must find a way to afford a home that can accommodate three babies. Olivia (Janet Montgomery) unexpectedly resurfaces, throwing both Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) for a loop." 

From Dee: "Hopes and expectations: Finally! We get to see Rebecca's reaction to her becoming a triplets. Also, Kate seems okay so maybe Toby is okay and him passing out is some kind of withdrawal to cake and other sweet stuff (though this might seem preposterous) and that they will compromise again on that line regarding food. And I hope Kevin doesn't return to Olivia. She's such a bitch to him and doesn't really care about him as Sloane does."  Check out deedeedee on Voice of TV!

From Anam: "It doesn't look like the drama is going to lessen throughout the rest of the season and we're in another wild ride. Looking forward to seeing Rebecca's immediate reaction to being pregnant with triplets, for someone who was adamant about not being a mother a child is a shock, three is insane. So this will be incredibly interesting. Hoping Toby is okay, he's adorable with Kate and it's nice to see her smile. Considering she grew up with low self esteem, seeing someone fight for her and choose her is a step towards good and she needs that. William's mortality is still up for question and I'm thinking he's not going to last this season, it's going to be gut wrenching but this show shows you what life is like. How we're thrown curveballs when we least expect them and we have to continue to live and keep going regardless of how much we want to curl up in a corner and never leave. Also, Kev do yourself a favor and stay with the nice girl. She's a little rough around the edges but she's going to be better for you in the long haul."  Check out Anamiii on Voice of TV!

From Me (ALWheaties):  Of course the main thing I am looking forward to seeing is a healthy Toby by the end of the episode.  Knowing this show as we all do, they might keep us on pins and needles for a bit.  Being that he's a big guy and sat stuffed like a sardine on an airplane for 6 hours probably contributed to him having his heart attack, he showed all the signs.  I hope that they got him to the hospital in time!  The episode's title is "The Right Thing to Do".  Does this mean that they might pull the plug if Toby is not going to make it?  I certainly hope not!  But given the choice of living life as a vegetable or being mercifully allowed to die is a hard decision and one I hope none of us has to deal with!

Last episode I was not sure if we were going to see if William was going to die as he has not been doing so well with his stomach cancer.  Doctor K. looked like he wasn't going to make it through his surgery, but he thankfully did! We have yet to see how Papa Jack has left the family, so was not expecting Toby's health crisis!  Toby is such a great guy and is so good for Kate!  I hope it works out!

Well, I guess it's safe to say that when it comes to Kevin, we are Team Sloane all the way!  Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) the playwright is cute and quirky.  Not someone you could see Kevin falling for initially, but they are an adorable couple!  Olivia (Janet Montgomery) from the start has been quite a nightmare, but while with her, Kevin was showing some depth not seen before.  I give him a lot of credit for sticking up for himself at the cabin!  I am worried what will happen when Olivia comes back.  The episode's title is "The Right Thing to Do".  Does this mean that Olivia could be pregnant and Kevin will be torn to do the right thing for the sake of the baby?  I hope not!

There is bound to be some awkwardness regarding the relationship between William and Jessie with Randall, but it is good to see William smiling!  It will be great to see how a young Jack and Rebecca deal with their expanding family!  Jack is so happy and wants everything to be perfect for the babies that they are going to move into a new home that he probably can't afford.  We will get to see their real doctor who later gets the appendicitis, thus giving us Doctor K. played by Gerald McRaney.

Just looking at all the press photos and early clips of This Is Us have me grinning from ear to ear.  I have missed these Pearsons' for far too long!