With only 2 episodes left in season 1, This Is Us has us asking; "What now?" and "Where are our tissues?" Episode 1x17 is sure to be full of all the Pearson goodness that we crave. I have a sneak peek of an upcoming scene, promos and a poll asking, "Do You Ship Kevin And Sophie"? This Is Us airs on NBC on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST. You can re-watch them on the NBC app, Hulu and OnDemand.

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If you aren't caught up and haven't seen 1x16 "Memphis" yet, tread gingerly as I don't want the episode to be spoiled for you. Check out my articles: This Is Us 1x16 Advanced Review - Road Trip To Memphis! and This Is Us - Looking Back At 1x16 With Tears In Our Eyes!

I had a sneak peek at an early scene of 1x17 "What Now?" from the This Is US. Now, I am not sure where in the episode this scene will take place but these early scenes are usually at the beginning of the episode. If you don't want spoilers before seeing the episode, this is where you want to stop reading.

The scene is titled: "Jack arrives home late as Rebecca leaves for her tour". In this scene, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) get into a fight. It's not as nasty as when we last saw them in 1x15 on Valentine's Day, but not cheerful to say the least. Rebecca is understandably upset with Jack as he is late and she is about to leave on tour with her band. There is a lot to discuss, itineraries with the kids, etc. Jack most likely chose to be late as he is unhappy his wife is leaving on a road trip with her ex-boyfriend Ben (Sam Trammell) and wants to avoid said confrontation. There is a bit of bickering back and forth. While away, Rebecca does not want Kevin to be alone with Sophie in the basement. Jack said that he caught them in a precarious situation where Sophie was nibbling on Kevin's ear. Rebecca is like, "Eww, don't say the words nibbling and my son in the same sentence". They both chuckle and share a fond glance with one another. Ben's honking horn breaks the moment. She is off on tour and Jack is left in the kitchen looking sad.

This Is Us 1x17 "What Now?" Promo - "The entire Pearson family gathers at Randall's (Sterling K. Brown) for an unusual party. Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sophie's (Alex Breckenridge) relationship deepens on the night of his play's premiere. Kate (Chrissy Metz) struggles to open up to Toby (Chris Sullivan) about her father's death. Tensions are high between Jack and Rebecca as she leaves on tour with her band."

We here at Voice Of TV are huge fans of the show. We love to report on our favorite shows and we also chat a lot about them and often wonder where the plot twists of This Is Us will take us. Three of my friends, who joined us in today's post are Charlotte, Anam and Dee. We were excited to see what episode 1x17 "What Now?" would show us about the Pearsons.

From Charlotte: The next episode is rightfully titled "What Now?" because that is exactly how I feel after watching 1X16. I seriously don’t think I have recovered after watching that, it was so beautifully done. Anyway, onto the future! It is nice to see the whole family together celebrating William’s life in a positive way. After a week of no Kevin I need to see what is happening with his show and Sophie. I hope he can fight past his nerves and put on the show he has been working so hard for. Most importantly, I am really nervous to see the flash back scenes of Jack and Rebecca. The end is near and you can feel it with every passing episode. Jack looks like he is drinking again and Rebecca is off on her tour and you can practically feel the tension between them as she leaves. I don’t have much hope for a true reconciliation between them at this point and that alone breaks my heart, not to mention that we know Jack’s death is coming. As usual, I will have the tissues ready for what is sure to be an emotional episode yet again." Check out Charlotte on Voice of TV!

From Dee: "I'm glad that instead of being sad and wearing black, Randall and his family chose to celebrate William's life in colors. It would have been what he wanted. I like to see Kate and Kevin with them though and hopefully they are. Also, is Kevin getting frustrated because of his show or is he still worried about Randall? I hope that Jack isn't going to cheat on Rebecca, especially after that big fight!" Check out deedeedee on Voice of TV!

From Anam: "I'm glad that they're celebrating his life. William has only been in their lives for a short time but you can see that he made an impact on all their lives and they want to cherish and remember that.

p.s. Jack don't do anything stupid." Check out Anamiii on Voice of TV!

From ALWheaties (me): I love the second promo for 1x17 "What Now?" shown above. In the background, we can hear William's cousin Ricky (Brian Tyree Henry) sing William's beautiful song 'You Can Always Come Back to This'. The clips are a bit more cheerful. They are celebrating the life that William brought to the whole Pearson family. The wearing of hats seems rather poignant, especially as it seems Randall is wearing William's personally owned Fedora. A fond memento from a father to his son. In addition to the send-off party (instead of a funeral) for William, it looks like Randall's Mom Rebecca and step-dad Miguel (Jon Huertas) is there. So, I hope fences are being mended between the two. It also looks like Randall might be walking away from his Wall Street job? If this is the case, I hope he finds a better job that will make him happy.

Ok, now I have burst into tears already and I haven't even seen the show. As I was watching the promo, I paused it and we see a smiling and laughing Jack on a couch with a smiling and laughing William. Very touching. These two never met while in life and William (Ron Cephas Jones) lamented in 1x16 that he sure would have liked to have seen Jack's smile. Oh boy, where is my tissue box?

It looks like Kevin will finally star in his play. In 1x15, he left during opening night to help his brother Randall while he was having a panic attack. It's about a week later and I hope that Kevin and Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) break a leg and do well. I am guessing they do as it looks like Randall is congratulating Kevin and Kate's enthusiastic clapping appears like they will. It also looks like Kevin is making strides with Sophie and that she might be taking him back as they share a kiss.

On This Is Us, Kevin (Justin Hartley) has loved Sophie (Alex Breckenridge) since he was 10 years old. He messed up but is looking for a second chance at love with her. Do You Ship Kevin And Sophie?