Good news to all the fans who, like me, have been following Westworld's every move and wondering just what the hell is going on. The futuristic sci-fi western (how's that for a genre?) has officially been granted a second season by HBO, giving us all plenty more time on the horizon to decipher whether or not everyone is a damn robot. 

The downside? It's possible we won't be seeing the new season until 2018. According to HBO programming president Casey Bloys, "With Westworld, because the production is such a big endeavor, I don't exactly know when [it will premiere] yet. I can't speculate other than to say it'll either be '17 or '18. Probably more like '18."

The series, which hails from showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, is based off the 1973 Michael Crichton film of the same name and depicts an adult theme park of sorts where the elite can rub elbows with life-like robots in a Western-themed playground. Of course, it's not as simple as that though when the robots, also known as Hosts, start exhibiting signs of sentience and awareness beyond their programming. The show stars Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris, and Anthony Hopkins. HBO has also confirmed that the second season will contain 10 episodes like the first. 

Westworld airs Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO.