In the midseason finale of Timeless, which aired Monday, December 12th on NBC, the Time Team followed Flynn to New York on September 25, 1780, the day Benedict Arnold planned to surrender West Point to the British Army. It didn't take long for Lucy and the gang to meet up with Flynn. In fact, we seen our trio actually helping him on his mission. This mission we all learned what Rittenhouse really is ... or should I say who? That's right, Rittenhouse is actually a person,  David Rittenhouse to be exact! Of course, in hoping to change the future for the better, Flynn did kill him, but after failing to kill his son, there is still a great threat that Rittenhouse is still playing a part in the Timeless present storyline.

So, how much did change from the last mission? We are not that sure to be exact, but according to TVLine, There are no “major” timeline tweaks following the team’s most recent trip in the fall finale. However, when the show returns on Jan. 16, “Garcia Flynn will be doing a lot of investigating about what has or hasn’t changed. He’ll be angry that not as much has changed as he would have liked, says  executive producer Shawn Ryan.

From the way it sounds, Flynn's mission did not go as planned. Now the only question we have remaining is will the Time Team find Lucy? We're pretty certain that they will, but how long will it take? We'll have to continue to watch NBC's Timeless when it returns January 16th.